With so many IVF clinics worldwide, there have been cases of sperm and egg cells being mixed up. Although this is rare, it can result in embryos being created that contain the wrong DNA.

To prevent this kind of error, IVF clinics must have an automated system installed to ensure the samples are easily and accurately identifiable.

We are proud to announce that we use the latest technology, IVF Witness System.

No Worry System

Samples can be Tracked and Traced

Auto Alert System

Patient Security


IVF ID is an electronic system that verifies and matches data at every step of treatment, from sperm and egg collection, to ICSI (fertilisation), embryo transfer and embryo/sperm/egg freezing. This revolutionary system use wireless technology to match the sperm and egg samples of each patient. IVF Witness is the perfect security system to prevent any possible human error.

How IVF Witness System Works:

IVF witness system works using wireless technology and electronic radio waves. Wireless disposable chips in the form of a bracelet and a chip in the sperm, egg and embryo samples are used throughout the treatment process. All samples are verified using this technology both in the embryology laboratory and operating theatre.

Each sample has both patient and spouse details and the patient’s bar code written on the label.

During the egg collection and transfer processes, the patient can see her details on the LCD screen in the operating theatre, as well as every action taken (egg collection, number of eggs, number fertilised, transfer details etc). This is also all recorded on a server for added security.