Suggestion & Complaint Form



The purpose of this procedure is to standardize the process of addressing complaints and suggestions received from institutions or individuals who receive services from our laboratory, by recording and reporting any dissatisfaction reported.


This procedure covers the recording and evaluation of complaints, the perception of satisfaction levels, and feedback from customers who receive services at Miracle IVF Centre.


Quality Unit: Quality Manager



All employees are responsible for receiving complaints and suggestions, and the Quality Unit, Hospital Coordinators, and Hospital Manager are responsible for evaluating and planning improvement efforts.


Laboratory services are carried out in accordance with the procedure, instructions, and other supporting documents as announced and in principle. Services are not carried out without written and/or oral notification to the service beneficiary.

All laboratory services (production and reporting) are subject to pre-inspection and are made available/evaluated within the specified confidence interval. If a service is provided outside of the confidence interval for any reason, the laboratory is responsible for withdrawing and/or correcting the service.

All service beneficiaries and laboratory staff establish relationships based on mutual respect and interest.

Patients, doctors, laboratory staff, and other parties may report any dissatisfaction arising from rights and service responsibilities, orally or in writing. Written notifications are made using the Opinion and Suggestion Form. Oral notifications can be made through Patient Admission and Counseling or directly to authorized laboratory personnel.

Each dissatisfaction report is evaluated by the Patient Coordinators and/or Quality Unit. If the complaint is about these individuals, it is evaluated by their deputies.

If the complaint or suggestion is related to the service quality and/or processes, it is evaluated by the Quality Unit and/or related department manager, and the necessary improvement actions are planned. If the complaint or suggestion is about the service personnel, it is evaluated by the Human Resources Unit and/or related department manager, and the necessary improvement actions are planned.

The results of the evaluations are shared with the service beneficiary and the necessary actions are taken to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Quality Unit keeps records of all complaints and suggestions and evaluates the effectiveness of the improvement actions taken.

The procedures and processes related to the resolution of complaints are reviewed at least once a year and updated if necessary.