Let’s meet!

Let us introduce ourselves to you individually so that you find out why we are called the Miracle Team. Our enthusiastic team members, fully experienced in their own fields, complement each other when put together to make your miracle possible!

We all have one thing in common and that is the human focus, power of empathy and great communication skills. We always keep in mind that we are here to deliver solutions for patients in need and that our patients look out for people who can make this special journey also an exciting one.

Our patient coordinators are all native speakers. You can enjoy the convenience of talking to them, explaining your needs, wishes and fears and asking your questions in your own language. We believe that team work and our genuine interest in assisting the patients are key for the journey that you will go through in order to hold your baby in your arms without delay!

Gyn. Op. Dr. Firdevs Uguz Tip

IVF Specialist | Gyn. Op. Dr. Firdevs UGUZ TIP

من هي الدكتورة فردوس
هي من أنجح الدكاترة الموجودين في أوروبا بشهادة الكثير من الدكاترة الأوروبيين، الطبيبة النسائية ( operator doctor) أنهت دراسة الطب البشري في العام ٢٠٠٠ بدرجات عالية في جامعة أولو داخ، كلية الطب في بورصة. عملت لمدة سنة و نصف في العثمانية ( المستشفى الحكومي)، و عملت ستة أشهر في مرسين في مستشفى حكومي في العناية بالأطفال حديثي الولادة و حالات التوليد السابقة لاوانها ( الكوفاز) ، في عام ٢٠٠٣ بدأت العمل في مستشفى برهان الحكومي في مدينة لفكوشا في قبرص كدكتورة متخصصة في  النسائية لمدة ٣ سنوات، بعد ذلك عملت في مستشفى زكاي طاهير بوراك المتخصص في الصحة النسائية التعليمي و التفتيشي حيث تخصصت بالطب النسائي في مدينة انقرا العاصمة التركية.
في عام ٢٠٠٨ عادت إلى مستشفى برهان الحكومي في قبرص الشمالية، و عملت كطبيبة متخصصة في الطب النسائي.
الدكتورة فردوس توصلت إلى العديد من الدراسات المكثفة و المفيدة في مجالات الأمراض النسائية، و الصحة النسائية، و العقم من خلال مسيرتها الحياتية في المجال الطبي. بالإضافة إلى ذلك، هي تملك العديد من الدراسات المكثفة في أمراض الغدد الصماء التناسلية، و أمراض النساء، و الإنعاش الوليدي، و الهيستيريكتوميا (histerectomia) ، حيت أنها تحصلت على شهادات جامعية في مجالات التصوير بالموجات فوق الصوتية، و عمليات اللاباروسكوبي(laparoscopia) .
الدكتورة متزوجة حاليا و تملك صغيرين ( فتاة و صبي).

Embryologist | Sevgi GUCLU

Our senior embryologist Sevgi Guclu, borned in 1978 in Istanbul Turkey. She received her bachelors degree in Biology from Ankara University Science Faculty in 2002. After the graduation, she continued her studies in Suleymaniye Gynocology Hospital an American Hospital as an embryologist and andrologist. Staring fom 2003, Sevgi Guclu worked as an senior embryologist and IVF laboratory director in world wide known IVF hospitals such as Medicana Hospital, Maltepe University Hospital and Memorial Hospital.Since 2018, Sevgi Guclu works as a senior embryologist and laboratory director in Miracle IVF.

Embryologist | Ayse LIMAN

Born in Famagusta, North Cyprus. A hard working member of our Miracle IVF team, embryologist Ayşe Liman, received her bachelor’s degree in Human Genetics at the University of Nottingham, one of the leading universities in the UK.

After her university graduation she completed her master’s degree at the Institute of Neurology and Genetics in Southern Cyprus.

She joined our team as an embryologist after working in numerous IVF centers. Her experience in cell and embryo freezing and embryology processes make her one of the key members of our team.

Senior IVF Coordinator | Irem BERK

Irem Berk, graduated from the Faulty of Engineering with the highest degree of success in 2005. After completing her 2-years master’s degree in 2007, she developed her expertise by joining in numerous seminars and obtaining certificates mainly in France and Turkey.

Irem Berk, who has been working as the Senior IVF Patients Coordinator of our team since 2011, is interested in one-to-one treatment and IVF treatment processes of all of our patients who choose North Cyprus and our specialist Dr. Firdevs in order to have a baby. She transforms the IVF treatment phase which can be difficult and emotionally exhausting, into a comfortable holiday time.

During their treatment, Irem assists couples in every field, from medication use to pre-treatment testing and control, and continues to provide psychological support for our patients during the period of delivery after the treatment is complete. She’s fluent in English and Turkish.

German Patient Coordinator | Theresa Frieß TOSUNOGLU

After graduating, Theresa successfully completed her studies in International Business and Foreign Economics in 2015. She originally comes from a small wine village in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany and lives today with her small family on our beautiful island, Cyprus. She is a proud mother and has always had a special interest in children. She worked as a child minder for many years and gained practical experience during various internships at pediatrician clinics and at the various hospital’s newborn stations.

Theresa has been taking care of our German speaking patients since 2016. Since she is German herself, you no longer have to worry about language barrier or miscommunication. Theresa is always happy to welcome patients from her home country and to accompany them during their treatment at Cyprus Miracle IVF. Theresa will not only be your first contact at Cyprus Miracle IVF, she will also assist you until the birth of your little miracle. Her goal is to make the stay as comfortable as possible for each Miracle IVF patient and to give the patient a feeling of security, even when away from home. In addition to German she speaks fluent English and can also help with inquiries in Spanish.

International Patients Coordinator | Sezish THOMPSON

Sezish studied Mathematics and Economics in university and then received her Masters degree in Finance from Texas A&M University. For the past 15 years, she worked in the USA, UK and Cyprus mostly in the non-profit sector and more recently working with the private sector in roles ranging from public relations, events, projects and management.

Sezish is fluent in English and she works as international patients coordinator at Miracle IVF Cyprus since 2018.

Italian Patients Coordinator | Susy Tino KARAOGLU

Born in Avellino, Italy, she is a translator, interpreter and an Italian and Latin tutor. After her university degree in Modern Languages and Literatures at the University of Studies of Salerno, she achieved her master degree in Creative Writing and Publishing at the University of Studies Suor Orsola Benincasa in Naples. She improved her education by attaining a Certificate in Translation and Interpreting.

In addition to Italian, her native language, she speaks fluently English and Turkish, and has a good knowledge of French. After her studies, she worked as a columnist in a local newspaper for one year. In 2000 she moved to Istanbul where she started working as a private tutor, teaching Italian and Latin mostly to the students of the High School “Liceo Galileo Galilei” in Istanbul.

She also collaborated with a columnist of the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet, Sahrap Soysal for the writing of several articles about the traditional South Italian Cuisine. Her passion for learning has pulled her to attend always new and different courses and seminars, such as: storytelling, photography and painting. Since August 2017 she lives in Kyrenia, North Cyprus.

Turkish Patients Coordinator | Evrim ATTILA

Evrim Attila was born in Istanbul and spent all her educational life up to the University in Istanbul. Then, she went abroad to study engineering. After her engineering education graduation, she continue her career for many years in various companies in high-level and high-responsibility positions such as managing.

As one of the effective members of our team, Evrim Attila has been working as a Turkish Patients Coordinator in our Miracle IVF Centre, since 2016. She also speaks fluent English together with her native Turkish. Evrim Attila is married with two children, she gives psychological support to our patients from the beginning of the treatment until completion of the process.

French Patients Coordinator | Chris MUSSARD

Chris is our French patients coordinator. After studying in France and in Wales, he spends six years teaching French in high school between England and Wales and four years as a school teacher. Meanwhile, he takes part in the development of a sustainable house in Sweden and manages a teaching agency in London, juggling between his classroom and his phone.

Chris is a writer in his free time, he publishes his first book in 2016 and leaves England in December 2018, joining our team soon after.

Billur Ozdenoglu
Billur OzdenogluPatients Relations
Semra Cakilci
Semra CakilciIVF Nurse
Melda Kuscu
Melda KuscuIVF Nurse