Immune therapy is especially recommended for women who have immune system based diseases as some women with a low immune system experience fertility issues. This is often evidenced by failure of embryo implantation in the uterus or problems with embryo development over the course of several IVF treatments. The infusion helps suppress the mother’s immune system to allow implantation to occur and continue.

For couples with repeated unsuccessful IVF cycles and/or an unknown reason for repeated miscarriages, immune therapy can help lead to a healthy pregnancy. We ensure we keep up to date with the latest immune therapies than can be of benefit to our patients. We have found it to be especially useful when treating women who have suffered repeated miscarriages for no known medical reason. At Miracle IVF Centre we have witnessed many patients with repeated failures become parents after immune therapy.

How is Immune Therapy Performed?

We tend to start the therapy at the beginning of the IVF process, depending of the severity of the mother’s condition. The treatment can begin before fertilisation on egg collection day and will continue on embryo transfer day and then tablets are used until the baby’s heart starts to beat. For the majority patients however only 1 infusion is required, on embryo transfer day.

Who Should Consider Immune Therapy?

  • Women who have recurrent IVF failures.
  • Women who have suffered repeated early miscarriage, for no known medical reason.
  • Women who have a history of severe disease, such as cancer.

We obtain healthy pregnancies in about 80% of our patients who come to us with immune-based and/or non-medical related miscarriages and recurrent IVF failures.

As a clinic we provide the immune therapy as an addition to treatment, it is not a costly add on and is therefore frequently asked for by our patients.