Immune therapy is especially recommended for women who have an immune-based diseases. Meanly female with a low immune system do have some fertility issues as implementation in the uterus of the baby or other embryonic developments issues during several IVF failure. For couples with repeated unsuccessful IVF trials and unknown miscarriages the immune therapy is an outcome to increase healthy pregnancy. We do our best to constantly progress the provided methods to use the benefits of the immune therapy for our patients. Therefor we can say that it is an outcome for female that has repeated pregnancy failure without having a medical reason. In our clinic at Miracle IVF Centre we do provide the immune therapy for a long time we are able to control immune related issues so that we end up with again happy parents.

How Is Cyprus Immune Therapy done?

Mostly we will start with the immune treatment in the early start. This is depending of the severity of the mother’s condition. The pre-stage of our serum treatment can begin before fertilisation or before the insemination starts and on it will continue till the embryo transfer day through a serum into the vein pathway. After the serum application drug treatment is continued until the baby’s heart beats.

Who should prefer Immune Therapy?

  • Recurring, failed IVF trials,
  • Women who have a history of severe disease, such as cancer, are definitely recommended immune therapy,
  • Immune treatment is not a cost-effective treatment, it can be preferred by our patients as well as in addition to their treatment.

We obtain healthy pregnancies in about 80% of our patients who come to us with immune-based, non-cause and recurrent failures.

As a clinic we do provide the immune therapy as an addition to their treatment. It is not a costly treatment therefor it is frequently asked by our patients.

In cases where immune system mentioned as a reason for a failure, not a medical reason and repeated unsuccessful pregnancy are finding in 80 % a solution with the immune therapy.