When both partners aren’t after several tries not reached successfully a fertility treatment than could embryo donation be an solution to get pregnant with donated embryos. There are two types of embryo donation, one is a selected donor and the other is the use of frozen embryo transfer.

When you do choose for a selected donor, the donor will go under a whole treatment which includes medication that will help to provide to produce more quality eggs, it has the same process as going through an IVF treatment and getting ready for egg insemination with using of the semen sample of a selected donor. The eggs will be injected in the same way as used in ICSF procedure. After circa five days the embryo will be transferred to your uterus.

Another advance during this proceed is that it is also possible to select the gender of the embryo which requires a PGD.

The other option is to use frozen embryo, this treatment is less short and after 15 minutes the embryo is defrosted it can being transferred to your womb. Embryos can be frozen for about 2 years without losing of their quality state. For the frozen embryo treatment only 3 days are enough to plan your trip to Cyprus.