Sperm donation, is a case of IVF treatment where no healthy sperm cell collected from father, the sperm cells used from the sperm bank which are precisely selected according to the father’s physical characteristics, structure, ethnicity and blood group, while the egg collected from the mother is fertilised and transferred to the mother.

For many years, Cyprus sperm donation treatment is a preferred method that carried out by Dr. Firdevs and in Miracle IVF Centre, in cases where healthy sperm cells cannot be found. In cases where sperm cannot be obtained from the father in the natural way, it is possible to obtain sperm from the TeSA or micro-TESE operations with the help of the needle or tissue retrieval. However, in cases where the father does not produce sperm from birth or is completely reset of sperm due to illnesses or external factors, testicular damage is not possible to obtain sperm either way, and couples are directed to the treatment of sperm donation when they want to have a baby.

Today, although it is possible to detect serious genetic diseases in the mother’s womb and terminate the pregnancy, this situation becomes a very difficult trauma for couples. Hence, apart from the reasons mentioned above individually; the man that carries the possibility of a risky disease that can be transferred to newborn or genetically consanguineous issues, are also recommended for this treatment. Thus, couples are ensured to be more peaceful about the health of their babies.

Reasons to request for sperm donation

There could be several reasons that couples needed sperm of a donor, unless the reason is just because the female does not have a (man) partner or lesbian couples need sperm for insemination of the own eggs. Neither the reason is personal nor medical we are provide qualified sperm from selected donors.

Sperm Donation Stages

  1. The sperm donation treatment process starts with detailed tests asked from the couples who will be treated in our Miracle IVFby Dr. Firdevs and continues with obtaining the physical properties of the father’s hair color, eye color, body structure, blood group etc. After that, sperm donor selection process is started by taking the necessary information. This information can be obtained by e-mail.
  2. On the 2nd or 3rd day of mother’s menstural period, preparation of the mother’s follicules for the treatment starts. This egg development process can be carried out in the city where the couple lives. In this stage, the mother’s eggs are developed using several injections. Injection usage period can be 10-12 days approximately. These injections only provide follicule development during that period. They have no effect as extra weight gain or disrupting the menstrual cycle.
  3. The egg development process ends with a single injection called triggering injection. This injection makes the developing eggs ready for the egg processing.
  4. At this stage of the sperm donation treatment, approximately 36 hours after the triggering injection, all the follicules formed are collected by our IVF specialist Dr. Firdevs. As the egg collection process is performed under a very low dose of anesthesia, the mother does not feel any pain or discomfort. This process takes only 10-15 minutes according to the number of eggs. After the procedure, the mother immediately recovers and continues her daily life within 1-2 hours without any discomfort.
  5. Within the same hour of egg collection, best sperm cells selected from the sperm sample that has arrived from sperm bank for the couple. by our embryologists under special microscope. With selected sperm cells, the mature egg cells of the mother are fertilized directly by ICSI – microinjection method.
  6. After fertilization, the embryos are left to develop within our special incubators for 3 to 5 days. Embryos may undergo this process in incubator or in an Embryoscope depending on the preference of the couples.
  7. During this stage Cyprus sperm donation treatment, according to the embryo quality, the best quality embryos are transferred to the mother’s womb on 3rd or 5th day of the fertilization,. Embryo transfer process, accompanied by ultrasound, is a painless process. Painless, just like an ultrasound scan. It lasts only 5-10 minutes and the mother is fully awake and follow the transfer of her babies into the her womb.

As the Cyprus Miracle IVF by Dr. Firdevs, we are able to transfer 3 embryos and thus increase the chances of pregnancy. In this way, we provide 80-85% success rate which is higher than the world average.

Certified Donors

Certified Donors from Cryos Bank with 100% Confidentiality

For our Cyprus sperm donation treatment, we work with Cryos International Denmark which is founded in 1981 and known as one of the the largest and most reliable sperm bank of the world since then.

Before the sperm samples are accepted by the Bank, many and detailed tests are carried out and in this way genetic and infectious diseases are examined. Sperms which cannot pass such tests are not accepted in the bank. In this way, there is no question mark in our patients’ minds, and they complete their treatment in peace.

Sperm donors are also subjected to psychological and intelligence tests, which are examined in detail by the sperm bank in terms of physical and biological terms. Sperm of donors who cannot exceed the required degree is definitely not accepted. Therefore, the training levels and intelligence levels of sperm donors are high.