To make the final decision to choose for the option of a donor eggs is a difficult and an emotional choice what could have an effect on both partners. Understanding of the emotional circumstance we do have an option to fertilize your own eggs and the donor’s eggs with on the same time with your partner’s sperm. You can see this as a last try or a back-up plan to get pregnant in both scenarios.

It has a positive outcome also when the women’s ovarian reserves does not respond well to an IVF treatment. At the same time both patients undergoes the IVF treatment to produce eggs and during one IVF cycle we can offer you more eggs and you can select the best succeed embryo for the next stage of your fertility treatment which is the embryo transfer. We do offer this treatment for older women or women with diminished ovarian reserve levels.

If you desire to know more about the benefits of our tandem fertility treatment don’t hesitate to contact one of our international coordinators who are providing you the needed information and inform you which way to follow to start with the procedure.

Meanly the treatment is equal to the IVF treatment cycle we do offer. You need to start with taking of hormonal medications during 8 days before you arrive in our clinic and these medications will contribute you to stimulate the ovulation period to provide more eggs than usual. During an ultra-scan we will see what the situation is and what your endometrial thickness is and check your ovarian reserve. So it is important that your ovarian function is still working monthly properly, otherwise IVF treatment with Egg Donation is a better option for you. After the control of your ovarian reserve and your eggs have developed to the desirable size, we continue with giving you the triggering injection. The collected eggs will hold for fertilisation with the sperm. After the cell division is developed our embryologist team will take care and investigate to provide you with complete information about what stage and conditions the embryos of both eggs are.

The following decision is yours and you need to make choice between; your donor’s embryos, one of your own embryos, or the combination of both.