As a Fertility clinic that is working to deliver solutions for future parents we are believing that each patients that knocks on our door for a consultancy for an advice or treatment is equal in importance and in the needed to be served on the same professional manner.

Regardless what their personal life circumstances and choices are for a partner. We do not flag people therefor because we do offer solutions for a treatment.
We distance us from the way some societies lable because we are working in the medical sector and do believe in medical terms which we accept it is just the way people are born that makes them choice for a partner with the same gender. If you wish to read more about it, you can search how the brains of a human being is working, search for limbic system and you find that this area in the brains is regulating the sexuality of a human being.

No matter what their marital status, gender, sexual orientation or partner preferences are, we are proud that we are a LGBT friendly clinic and help them too with our offered fertility treatments. For us it’s just another ask and need for an egg or sperm donation.