Many couples try naturally for a baby for over a year, with no success. These couples have many tests and are found to be suffering from a fertility problem. Research now tells us these issues can be attributed to the male partner in around 50% of cases. The most common male infertility factor is Azoospermia, which means there are no sperm found, or that those present have severe structural defects.

In these cases, treatment should be started without delay. We recommend that we start to look at these problems as soon as possible, as more obstacles come with age when trying to get pregnant. The Micro TESE/TESA methods have been used successfully to circumvent the issue of healthy sperm absence, to give a high rate of successful IVF treatment.

What is Micro TESE/TESA?

TESA or Micro TESE  are small surgical operations performed with a microscope. These procedures make it possible to extract live sperm from within the testicles. TESA and Micro TESE operations are carried out very successfully at our Cyprus Miracle IVF Centre by Dr. Firdevs.

To summarise the process briefly:

In a man’s testicular tissue there are thousands of structures similar to small tubes. Even if the sperm is not present in seminal fluid, sperm production continues within these structures. There may not be sperm production in each tube, therefore, we search for live sperm in different areas.

TESA is the process of removing sperm from the skin by injecting a needle into the tissue inside the man’s testicles. If sperm cannot be obtained using this method, Micro TESE is a solution. Micro TESE looks for live sperm under a microscope by examining biopsies taken from different areas of the testes tissue. Depending on the severity of the problem, 25-50% of live sperm cells are found. The Micro TESE method minimises vein damage caused by biopsy.

Our specialised embryologists and urologist are then easily able to extract the required genetic material ready for fertilisation via ICSI.

70% of sperm production problems are resolved using these methods. However there are also genetic factors that may cause problems when trying to find healthy sperm cells.

After the Micro TESE Operation

In our clinic, Micro TESE operations are performed under anaesthesia. It is a painless operation that lasts about half an hour. After the procedure, there is no need to rest for a long time or to lie down in the hospital. The patient can continue his normal activities, but should keep the following in mind:

  • No sexual intercourse for 10-15 days.
  • After Micro TESE or TESA, do not bath or shower for at least 5 days.
  • You should avoid heavy lifting and heavy sports for at least 1 week.
  • If swelling, bleeding or redness develops in the treated area, you should inform your doctor immediately.

Who would benefit from TESA or Micro TESE?

  • Males who suffer from infectious diseases or use drugs that breakdown sperm cells.
  • Males who suffer from obstruction of the sperm channels, or congenital malformation in the sperm canal (CBAVD).
  • Males that have no sperm output due to genetic or hormonal reasons.
  • Males who undergo radiation therapy for cancer treatment, that uses high-energy X-rays or other types of radiation that can kill sperm cells.

Micro TESE Procedure at Cyprus Miracle IVF by Dr. Firdevs

The procedure is performed within the centre and under appropriate conditions. Sperm can be obtained in the first instance of using the Micro TESE method, but not every sperm will be alive and once found there is no guarantee it will be found again. Therefore, we advise you to freeze and store sperm for treatment in the future.

Miracle IVF Centre is able to perform Testicular Sperm Aspiration at the same time as collecting eggs from the female partner. Our medical clinic is equipped with the latest technology that our specialist urologist can use to successfully extract sperm from the male patient. For years we have been able to select high quality sperm with the Micro TESE method and have helped many parents to conceive a healthy baby.