EmbryoScopeUsing this new technology we are able to see the way embryos develop and select the best embryo for transfer. The benefits of the EmbryoScope in the short term include improving the chance of transferring a viable embryo and increasing the clinical pregnancy rate. Long term, it reduces the chances of losing or having to abort a pregnancy. EmbryoScope is the most advanced incubator available on the market. It is able to maintain the required physiological conditions for embryo development, akin to the natural environment of a woman’s uterus.

Advantages of using EmbryoScope:

24-hour Monitoring:

The biggest advantage of using EmbryoScope, is that the embryos are protected in a strictly controlled, heated environment. In our laboratories we have top of the range bench top incubators that provide the best environment for developing your embryos. EmbryoScope allows each patient’s embryos to have their own section in the incubator and this means that even when we are checking on or removing other patient’s embryos, yours are safe and not affected.

Unfortunately the majority of the other local IVF clinics are using an older version of incubator in which all embryos are kept in a single compartment.

Research has shown it is important not to disturb the embryos and to protect them from humidity, air pressure and temperature changes as this could be harm them.

At Miracle IVF Centre we are able to constantly monitor your embryos with the EmbryoScope via video link, removing the need to open the incubator.

Observing Cell Division and Developmental Patterns:

Recently, medical research has found that an embryo’s cell division patterns have a huge impact on successful implantation and development into a healthy pregnancy. Scientific research has found that there is a huge amount of evidence to support the theory that cell division at specific points in time is crucial to further healthy development. By evaluating the state of the embryo at specific points in time, we are able to select the best embryo for transfer. It has been proven that monitoring embryos at these crucial points can increase pregnancy rates by 15-20%.

To monitor crucial cell division, EmbryoScope uses time lapse technology and a powerful microscope, providing much clearer images than that of a traditional microscope. Using EmbryoScope means your embryos are kept incubated, in a perfect environment, even whilst they are observed.

Embryo Transfer at the Right Time:

At Miracle IVF, we carefully choose the right time to transfer the embryos from their incubators back to the mother. Some embryos will not require 5 days in the laboratory, and we would rather transfer them on day 3 than risk losing them by incubating them for 2 more days. The advantage of EmbryoScope is that we can select up to 3 of the best developed embryos for transfer.  Dr. Firdevs Uguz, and our Embryologist, can determine which embryos are developing correctly and therefore have the best chance of continuing into a pregnancy. With time lapse sequencing, we can ensure the embryo has divided symmetrically and at the correct point in time. If we notice an embryo is developing slowly or not as expected, it will not be selected for transfer.

Indication of Chromosomal Disorders:

To detect chromosome disorders we can use Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis. Visit the PGD page for more information. If you do not wish to undergo PGD treatment, but would like to have the benefit of checking for chromosome disorders, we would highly recommend using EmbryoScope. Using time lapse technology we are able to observe how the cells react and look for normal vs abnormal development.

Regular Updates for Parents about Embryo Development:

We understand that the time between egg collection and embryo transfer is nerve wracking as you wonder how your embryos are developing. As per the Embryologist’s advice, we do not remove the embryos daily from the incubators to check on them. With EmbryoScope however, it is possible to check the embryos regularly so you will not have to wait days to find out how your embryos are developing.

As a gift, you will receive a CD that contains the images of your baby from fertilisation through to the day they are transferred back to you. This can be shared with friends and family, or kept as a keepsake.