EmbryoScopeWith using of these new technology we are able to make it possible to see the growth and selection of the best embryo. The benefits of the EmbryoScope providing us are more than only the needed support in the begin stage; improving the clinical pregnancy rate and chances of transferring a viable embryo It also contributing the process on a long term; reducing the percentage of pregnancies lost or aborted, its supporting to keep the embryos healthy. At the moment EmbryoScope is the most advanced incubators in the medical sector. It contains the needed physiological conditions that is required to develop an embryo whilst they are in protected in the best conditions which is equal to their natural environment of the mother’s body.

Advantages of using EmbryoScope

24-hours monitoring

Most advantage of the use of the EmbryoScope is that the embryos are kept in a strictly controlled and closed environment in heated incubators. This is also in comparison to the traditional IVF or an ICSI cycles. In our laboratories we have the most modern bench top incubators that provide us the best quality for the developing of your embryos. What also has a huge impact is that we provide to each patients embryos a different section and all of them has their own section in the incubator and when the embryos of one of our patients need to be controlled, your embryos are safe and not interrupted during these needed procedures.

Unfortunately the majority of all the other local IVF clinics are using old version of incubators where all of the embryos are kept in one single compartment.
We do understand that is important to not remove the embryos to protect them from humidity, air pressure and temperature changes which could be harmful to the embryo. It is very important to keep the embryos in the incubator and that they are not exposed to not needed environment changes.

At Miracle IVF Centre we are able to monitor the embryos with the Embryoscope constantly, without remove them which is a massive advantage that they are safe in their incubator.

Controlled cell division and developmental patterns

Recently medical researches has found out that cell division patterns of the embryo has a huge impact during the selection period of which embryos does have the highest potential for a successful implementation and further development into a healthy pregnancy. Medical scientific researchers have found out that there is a huge of evidence that could confirm that specific cell time points and at scheduled moments it will affect the importance of further development. By evaluating of the state of the embryo at these scheduled time points we are able to select the best embryo for the transfer. It has been proven that selection of the embryos at this moment will certainly have influence on de development patterns and will have increasing the chance with more than 15 to 20 % to get pregnant.

To recognize at what time these developments are, it is helpful with our time lapse camera to select them rightly and like you would understand this circumstances are not possible with the traditional observations with a regular microscope. With this new EmbryoScope it is not needed to take them out of there incubator often and for a longer time period.

Embryo transfer on the right time

In our clinic we do carefully choose the right time period to transfer the embryos from their incubators and arrange the right moment to get to the next stage. For some of the embryos it is not advisable to wait until day 5 to develop in the laboratory and we do not want to take the chance of loss with adding two more days which is not needed. This will also make it possible to finish the whole treatment 2 days earlier. With the advantages that our EmbryoScope is giving us, it is achievable to select the best developed 3 embryos for you. In the selection of the embryos our Dr. Firdevs Uguz is taking part together with our embryologist to define which embryos are continuously growing and does have the best chance to survive the next stage. We are enabling with the time lapse sequence to check the development and see if the embryo has divided symmetrically and at the relevant time points. For example when an embryo is developing slowly or not as accepted, will not selected for the embryo transfer.

Indicating Chromosomal Disorders

For detecting of chromosome disorders we are controlling the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis which is a unique treatment and offered by Miracle IVF Centre. Visit the page PGD to overview this information. You might not willing to undergo the PGD treatment, but would like to have the benefits of checking the chromosomally disorders than we recommend you definitely the EmbryoScope. Under the division of this method it is possible to see how the chromosomes react and observe the differences between abnormal and normal varieties of the chromosomes. We are able to record this information with the time lapse images that are continuously recorded to see this in a video film.

Regular updates for parents concerning the embryo development.

We do understand that as a parent you do want to have updated information about the development of the embryos and that it is a very excited to wait between the stages of egg collection and embryo transfer. Like described above, with the regular IVF the advice of the embryologist will not remove the embryos so often from their incubators, but with the possibilities that Embryoscope is giving us, it is certainly possible to have the needed information regularly and you do not have to wait days to receive answer about the development of the embryos.
As a present you will receive a CD that contains the images of your baby and you can already show this to your family and friends and add his to your baby’s photo album.