As Miracle IVF, all the IVF treatments are performed with ICSI Method

ICSI abbreviation stands for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection and it is a specialized form of IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) that is contributing high pregnancy rated and is also an effective method in overcoming male infertility issues. Which means a single sperm is injected to each egg to assist fertilization using very fine micro manipulation equipment. It is also used in cases the eggs are from a donor egg.

Who Should Have IVF Treatment?

Couples who have unprotected intercourse for more than a year but who cannot conceive and couples who live in the following situations need to have the IVF treatment.

  • Women whose tubes are surgically removed
  • Women with tubes blocked
  • Women with hormonal disorders
  • Women with endometriosis and chocolate cysts
  • Women diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Men with low sperm count (oligospermia)
  • Men whose sperm movement is lower than normal (asthenospermia)
  • Men who are unable to conceive naturally because of sperm morphology
  • Couples diagnosed with unidentified infertility

Cyprus Miracle IVF Treatment Stages

Stage I- Application form and first contact with a coordinator

In this part we will receive your request that you are interested to know more about the IVF-treatment we do offer. When we have received your contact details and the best moment to have a chat together, we will schedule an appointment. During this intake conversation we will collect all necessary important information from you and inform you for example about the needed tests or speak about treatments you had in the past. The intake conversation will take about an hour and during this consultation conversation our goal is understand your personal situation and feel also free to ask us any question that you would like to know about who we are, our clinic, treatment methods or any particular personal issue that you want to share with us, we will take care of all of your considering’s. Last but not least; we do understand that you would like to ask and know more about a treatment that you are planning abroad than normally and of course this unique situation will bring anyway more questions within. On behalf our whole team of Miracle IVF Centre we’d like to welcome you to make you feel free of all your sorrows and after speaking speaking with one of us you will feel light as a feather and give all the trick thought away.

Stage II- Tests before we can start

Before we are able to start with one of the treatments we do offer, like you might have read before, there are important tests you have to undergo before the start of the IVF treatment. These are blood test and fertility test to control your own eggs. It is also possible that you do have the outcomes of these test already, these test will carried out on day 2, 3 and 4 exactly between 1 and 6 months before you are planning to fly over to Cyprus. Keep in mind that the outcomes of the test are for six months valid.

The test that are needed:

  • 1. FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)
  • 2. LH ( luteinising hormone)
  • 3. AMH (anti-mullerian hormone)
  • 4. TSH ( thyroid stimulating hormone)
  • 5. E2 ( estradiol)
  • 6. Prolactin

Another needed part before we can go to the next step is, that we need an ultrasound scan. In medical terms we call this the Trans-Vaginal Antral Follicle.
It is also possible to ask your own doctor or the gynecology department to take this tests in the hospital in your home country. If there is a personal reason to not involve them in your treatment, please ask your coordinator to inform you about other clinics that are available to contact who are located in United Kingdom or any other country worldwide to give you an advice for other options. If you receive the result of this test, please do not forget to share these by sending an email to your coordinator. After that we have received the results which will be controlled though our doctor, she will confirm you that you are ready to proceed the IVF treatment with using of your own eggs.

It is also possible to come to Cyprus for an ultrasound scan to fulfill the whole treatment, in that case you can travel on day 1 to Cyprus of your menstrual period, please note that if we include this stage too, you need to plan circa 20 days to complete each stage of the proceed.

Stage III – Miracle Hospital Medical Application form

When you are satisfied because all of your questions and request are properly answered, and you do have fell the required medical application in and have send that back to us, we will as soon as possible come back to you with the information when there are possibilities to start with your treatment.

Stage IV – Compulsory Prescribed Medicines

When we are in this stage of the treatment, you are sure of a treatment and are included in our planning. As soon the required test are completed you do have probably also an idea which month you are coming to start your IVF-treatment with us. It is not necessary but we give to all of our patient the advice to take a combined contraceptive pill to be sure of your menstrual period. When you do know exactly when your menstruation will start, you will have less considering’s and you are more free to plan your trip and book your airplane ticket, it is also helping you to take off from work and to inform your employer well without consequents for later when you’re back and have to continue with your daily programs. Miracle IVF Centre will also send you a prescription of the medicines that is needed to take before you’re ready to start your IVF treatment. Within this prescription you can get your medication from your own pharmacy. Please ask your patient coordinator for information if the local cost are higher and you need any help to order the medication from our suppliers, we do collaborate with a lot of distributor’s from the UK and we can get it cheaper and deliver it globally everywhere. There are some countries, including Ireland and The Netherlands that offers their citizens subsidized mediation abroad and we can help you to get the medication for free or certainly for lower costs. In addition with the prescription you will receive from our specialist IVF Doctor, Dr. F, also an unique individualized prepared protocol for your specific program that will provide you needed instructions regarding using of the medication and an explanation when which medication to take. This prescription is easy settled in calendar format so that you not will get confused, please do not forget to get in touch with your coordinator when you need help or assistance regarding the prescription.

The use of medication before coming to Cyprus:

In the very start of this stage you will get daily injections which will start from day 2 until day 11 of your menstrual period. The medication contain Gonadotropins, these are hormones of LH ( luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) in an injection form that will stimulate your ovaries to produce follicles. The second medication is called‘’Certrotide’’, and you will get this injection during the period of day 6-11 of your treatment cycle, this means that your follicles are circa 12-14 mm in size. It is used after follicle stimulation and whenever there is substantial evidence that follicle maturation is coming. Basically it is to prevent untimely ovulation. Which will blocks the hormone (gonadotropin-releasing hormone-GnRH ) that causes eggs to be released from the ovaries and is used to prevent premature ovulation during the controlled ovarian stimulation.

The uses of medication during your stay in Cyprus:

The doctor will inform you in this stage if you do need to take medication and will make a decision after the trans- vaginal ultrasound scan. If there is need to stimulate the eggs collection the doctor will prescribe medication.

Stage V – Arriving to Cyprus

When you decide to come over for the whole treatment you will be here on day one of your menstrual period, otherwise you should arrive on day 10 of your cycle, which means 9 days after your menstrual period has started. One of the Miracle IVF Centre’s coordinators will contact you to set up an appointment for the following day and you will be informed at what time your pick-up is planed form your destination address. During your first consultation session before the trans-vaginal ultrasound scan, you will meet all of our team members including our doctor. The scan outcomes will lead us further, in an ideal situation your follicles should be around 18 mm-20 mm. The doctor will measure the follicles and inform you if there is need for further stimulation and decide whether you are ready for the hCG hatching injection that will be given to complete the maturing process. If there is need to wait to stimulate the follicles, we will take one more day longer for the hCG injection, if the follicles are big enough you will get the injection around midnight.

Stage VI – Oocyte Retrieval

All of our bedrooms for our patients are arranged in luxury and offers you all the comfort you need during this treatment. All the bedrooms are equipment with the newest electrical hospital bed, a fridge, sofa or couch, and a well-furnished bathroom with of course a European toilet.The egg retrieval will be scheduled when the follicles have reached an appreciate size, approximately this will start 36 hours after the hCG-injection.

This process will be under light sedation so that you will be comfortable and the procedure will take 15 minutes. Please note that you’re not allowed to eat or drink on this day because of the sedation you will be given before starting the egg collection. The egg collection will take place under guide of an ultrasounds guided follicle puncture and will be immediately transferred to our laboratory. In the same time as the doctor have started the egg retrieval process, we need for the insemination the male partner’s semen sample. To use the highest quality of sperm, we do recommend you to not have sexual intercourse at least for 2 days prior to the egg collection. Note that we do recommend to ejaculate on the day when we have planed the first scan in Cyprus. To maximize fertilisation rates we are equipped with the most modern advances in technology and are working up to date according the newest researches in our sector. To increase the number of eggs that will fertilise we offer to all of our patients the ICSI process for free.

Stage VII  – Embryo culture in our Lab

The embryologist will verify if fertilisation has occurred, this means that we will control (after 24-hours) the pronuclear stage, easy explained; a pronuclear is the nucleus of an egg cell/ a sperm during the process of fertilization entered well the ovum and are combination of half the number of chromosomes of the male and female.  During the next days after, the embryos are still incubated to develop. As recommended by our embryologist it is necessary to leave the embryos and not to remove them from the incubators to keep the temperature they need. If you wish we do offer constant monitoring during the development process, if you wish to read more about this facility, check here for the information about EmbryoScope.

Stage VIII – Embryo transfer

According to our laboratorory rates, 90 % of the pronuclear embryos will develop and be comprised of 8 cells on the third day. Please note that when we not succeed we offer the third treatment for free.  What we also provide without additional cost, is to do on day 5 a blastocyst transfer. With including this to the process, to identify healthy embryos for transfer because not all embryos that develop until day 5 will be chromosomally normal. PGD is an option if you want a guarantee of healthy embryos, read more about this to learn more what a PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnose) is.When you arrive in our clinic to start the embryo transfer one of our international patient coordinators will inform you about how many embryos are developed well and what the conditions are, you will make the final decision on how many of the embryos you would like to be transferred. Our recommendation is to transfer four embryos because this will give the best chance of pregnancy during one IVF cycle. During the embryo transfer you will again wear sterilized garments, note that there is no need for sedation during this procedure and you are allowed to eat and drink. It is necessary to have a full bladder, do not forget to drink water beforehand.By using of a vaginal speculum the doctor will expose your cervix and sterile the vagina and the cervix. With the help of an injection and a syringe on the end the embryos will be transferred into the uterus under guidance of ultrasound. After this process you need to lie down flat for at least 2 hours and the nurse will bring you back to your private bedroom on a trolley. It is needed to take rest as much as you can in your hotel, if you’d wish it is possible to fly the same evening, but we do recommend to wait until the next day to fly back home.

Stage IX – The first pregnancy test after IVF

With an hCG-blood test we will test your pregnancy to find of the IVF has been succeeded. There are some countries who does not provide the patient a blood test, therefor if that is the fact in your case, you need to wait 2 days more and on day 14 with a urine test you can find out your pregnancy status.  To get a good result please note you need the use the first morning urine, please continue using the medications if the outcome of the urine test is negative and repeat the test after 2 days before stopping the medications. If the outcomes of the test are positive, you need to continue the prescribed medications. If the hCG-test outcome is negative you need to stop taking medications immediately and ones the hormones leave your body, you will experience a bleeding circa 2 weeks later. Please update us by making contact with your international patient coordinator that will provide you support and give the right advice.

For Required Tests in the UK

For required tests and USG scans in the UK, please find our partners below:

Cherish UK

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