Intracytoplasmic Morphological Sperm Injection is a technique used to treat male infertility. This special method will be a solution for men who have a low sperm mobility, in medical terms it’s called sperm morphology these includes cases were the mobility is less than 4 %.

It is also a good solution which we recommend for patients who had in the past a low fertilization rate or have not succeed the implantation in previous IVF cycles, during the IMSI process our embryologist will analyse sperm samples with using a high powered microscope which is a close-up and show these 6000 times more powerful than the normal ICSI microscopes.

With using of this technique of IMSI is supporting us we are able to select the most qualitative sperm from the sample which is available to inject into each egg. IMSI also have impact on the increasing of the fertilization rate, the successfully implantation and especially in the rate of live birth.