Intracytoplasmic Morphological Sperm Injection is a technique used in cases of male infertility. This special method is a solution for men whose sperm morphology (sperm shape) rate is less than 4% . IMSI allows Embryologists to look at the sperm in much greater detail than regular ICSI microscopes, even allowing them to see the sperm nuclei and detect very subtle issues with sperm shape.

We also recommend the use of IMSI for couples who have experienced poor fertilisation rates or implantation failure.

During the IMSI process our Embryologist will analyse sperm samples using a high powered microscope which magnifies the sperm to 6000 times its original size.

Using this technique, we are able to select the highest quality sperm from the sample to inject into each egg. IMSI has been proven to increase fertilisation rates, implantation rates and live birth rates.